Grooming Your Dog the Atlanta way

In Atlanta and in any other state, you will notice that a lot of people are so into grooming their dogs. You will find them busy attending to their pets and its needs.

And why not? You would not to be caught dead walking a stinking and ugly looking dog, would you? Besides, you probably are one of those who like to cuddle and sleep with your pet. Imagine having to endure the odor and stink day in and day out.

Dog grooming tend to be very expensive though. This may be why a lot of people are neglecting their pets because they do not have the required budget set aside for that purpose.

Before you rant and rave about all these things, stop for a while. There are actually things that you can use to groom your dogs without ruining your allotted budget. How?

1. Dog shampoos.

You will notice that your pet’s shampoo tends to cost more than your own shampoo. Many dog owners would rather use dog soap as a shampoo to cut back on the cost. This is a definite no-no if you want to maintain the glory of dog’s coat.

Take note that the ingredients present in soaps are not the same as the ingredients in shampoos. In addition, soaps might cause irritation. In thinking that you had saved, you will end up paying more if ever your pet needs to be treated.

Consider Aloe Vera shampoos. You are probably using one. The good news is that you can use this same shampoo for your dog. When mixed with water, the solution can work just as well as any other dog shampoo.

This type of shampoo is very mild. You will have no worries of irritating your dog’s scalp. In addition, the formula that is present in Aloe Vera can leave your dog’s coat looking shiny and full. All this using the shampoo that you yourself use. A big cut on your expenses too.

2. Dog scent.

It is apparent that you do not have all the time in the world to bathe your dog and have them smelling great. In most cases, soaping and shampooing is the only thing you are capable of. If given the time and the resources, you surely would want your pet to smell good once he starts nestling beside you in your couch.

Dog perfumes can now be bought at pet stores. Once put in your dog’s coat, you will have them smelling as sweet as if they have just step out of their bath.

If you cannot afford to buy one of these perfumes, you can go for the other option. That is, you can buy one of those body sprays in the grocery. Find one that you like and spray them all over your dog. Be sure to put some on areas that have the tendency to smell bad.

If you want to be certain that the spray will not harm your dog, you can check out your local health store and find one containing essences that are known not to cause irritations.

Grooming your dog does not mean that you will cut back on other expenses just to give your dog what it needs. You just need to be wise and research on alternative means of keeping your dog smelling good and healthy. Groom your dog the Atlanta way!