Las Vegas’ way of Grooming Your Dog

Las Vegas has been popular as a unique year-round desert resort. It has as array of luxurious hotels, nightclubs and casinos featuring exotic and gambling entertainment. But, aside from that, Las Vegas is also known for people who are pet lovers. Lots of residents there have their own pet, and the most of them are dogs. They give special treatment to their pets.

Dogs like humans need regular care from the time they were born. Aside from balanced diet, dog grooming is an essential part of maintaining their health.

Dog grooming involves the cleaning behavior, proper care and sanitation of your dogs. Proper grooming for your dogs is a vital part of pet care. Not only that it makes your pet look better, but also it adds to the psychology and physiological health of your dogs.

Here are some easy to perform dog grooming tips:

1. Coat – You should brush your dog thoroughly daily. This would help to remove the dirt in the hair of your dogs. This would also make the hair of your pet smooth and shiny by dispersing the natural oil all through the coat, avoiding tangles and making the skin free from irritation.

It is advisable that you brush your dog at the early age. Slowly, train him while having fun with much of praise and treats.

2. Nails – For the nails, it is recommended that you trim them once per month. There’s a specially designed clippers you can use. Together with the clipper, you also need mini bottle of blood-clotting powder.

Proper Nail Cutting:

• In trimming the nails of your pet, have someone to sit beside you. Gently place his paws in your hands while slowly pulling them forward. If in case your pet doesn’t like to be handled that way, get acquainted with him/her by giving praise and treats.

• Steadily shorten one nail. Stop before you get to the pick.

• If you accidentally cut his/her nails, do not panic. Apply immediately some clotting powder using moist cotton and press it securely against the nail for a few minutes.

• Make sure that all nails are properly trimmed. Check if your pet has dewclaws. Dewclaws can be found on the front leg, on top of the paw.
3. Ears – Taking care of the ear is also an essential part of dog grooming. In proper cleaning of the ear can lead to permanent hearing loss. Some signs of ear problems include constant scratching, redness and head shaking.

Correct way of cleaning the ears.

• Check your pet’s ears at least twice or thrice a month. The color of the skin of the flaps must be pale pink. If there’s an unpleasant smell, black/red skin, consult the veterinarian immediately.

• Dampen a cotton with lukewarm water or oil. Make use of it to clean the entire canal and flaps. Be careful in cleaning, do not go too extremely into the canal.

4. Teeth – your pets can also get cavities and build up periodontal disease if their teeth will not be properly brushed. To avoid that, the teeth should be well cleaned using the recommended pet toothpaste. Their teeth must be brushed at least

5. Bathing – Bathe your pet at least once every month. Make sure you brush him/her first before the bath.

Proper way of bathing your pet

• Put a rubber mat in your sink for safe footing. Place a cotton ball on your pet’s ear to prevent the entrance of water in the ears.

• Use hot water in rinsing your pet.

• Make use of specially designed shampoo for your dog. Pour a small amount and apply thoroughly from head to tail.

• Dry your pet using a hair dryer or a towel.

Those are just some basic steps to proper grooming of your pet. It’s just like taking care of your babies, so you need to be careful of everything. Keep in mind that your pets also need proper care and attention.